tlc offers
  • A full range of development and consulting services to include online program development, multimedia and Web design, instructional design, and course quality review with options for coaching and mentoring—all meeting national standards
  • Proven professional development which is flexible, versatile, cost-effective, and tranformational
  • Over 20 years combined experience in Business, Education, and Media Development
  • Practical analysis and applications solidly grounded in theory, research, and real-world success
Transforming Leaders, LLC

Our Mission
is to provide high quality "transformational" professional development programs to those in education, public service and business. We do this through online training, onsite workshops, consulting, and mentoring, using national quality standards as our foundation.

Our Role
is to help individuals implement newly transformed quality behaviors to advance individual and organizational goals.

TLC Principal Members
have over 20 years of combined experience, qualifications and demonstrated expertise in both education and the corporate sector. All have earned advanced degrees and qualifications in the practical application of learning theory, training and professional development. All are certified Quality Matters™ online course reviewers.